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*~sotto tsubuyaita kimi no kotoba~*

... your words that were softly whispered...

guess who?
21 October
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This is Nikchan's (darkshadow36) icon journal! I'ma post here bases, colorbars, icons, and I can try FO banners as well. No tutorials though, be warned. XD I have a knack for confusing people, that's the reason. Haha.

I'm currently doing school stuff, but I can still make my random stuff for sometime. But please by patient.

I make icons basically out of my fandoms (check interests) but I;m not closing my doors to YOUR fandoms. If you have any requests, I accept... Just go to this post, and I'll be glad to oblige ASAP.

It's best for you to check out my Memories. And resources are here.

And feel free to friend this journal!


1. Comment when taking. Comments are love! Any iconmaker will appreciate that, y'know.
2. Credit darkshadow36 @ choclitcrunchie.
3. No hotlinking. HOTLINKING IS BAD, that's all there is to say about that thing.
4. Don't claim my icons as yours. NEVER EDIT textless icons. Don't edit unless I said they are bases.
5. Be nice. I'm jolly nice, and I want you to be the same! And of course, enjoy. ♥



My header features Gakuen Alice, one of my fandoms at present. :D Layout by me. Brushes used by amethystia. My userinfo header done by me, features the Seigaku Tennis Club from Prince of Tennis (Tennis no Oujisama). Brushes used for header are by ch_photoshopped and ewanism. ^^